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Can Technology Save Democracy? We think so.
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What does Democracy Lab do?
We connect tech sector experts to civic issues they care about. 
The civic tech movement is trying to invent the future.  It’s a future where every person can contribute to the decisions that affect them, where public services are delivered dynamically, and where collective intelligence fits in the palm of your hand.
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Seattle — currently.
Volunteer Opportunities: DemocracyLab is building a transparent, collaborative, inclusive, civil, and meritocratic community dedicated to using technology to improve society. We use Slack to communicate (make sure to click on the word “Channels” in the left hand navigation after joining). We use Google Drive to store and share documentation of our work. We use Trello to organize our tasks and priorities. We use Github to manage our code (MIT open source license). We use Meetup to organize open, regularly scheduled meetings (in Seattle, WA). You can take a look at our Interactive Prototype to see the current design of our platform. We've launched a MVP version of our product. Take a look here!
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Mark Frischmuth