Working with the Public Sphere Project

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The Public Sphere Project is a (mostly) volunteer program. The goal of the project is to help focus attention on the information and communication systems that citizens need and to assist with the research and development of these systems. There is exciting "civic intelligence" all around us but we need to work together to make it as compelling, principled and effective as we can.

Our goal is to work in a variety of areas somewhat opportunistically. We will build on the foundation we've build thus far and see where we can and should go next. Some of this will rely on what you are doing and what you'd like the Public Sphere Project to do as well as what new opportunities arise.

Our web site is under development. We are working on several major transformations so please bear with us!

Here are some area where you can help. Thanks in advance!

Help Develop Our Online Resources
Lots of opportunities here! Drupal experience a definite plus.

Liberating Voices Pattern Language
• Write patterns — see what's missing and add your ideas
• Help develop liberating voices pattern cards for in-person and online pattern language workshops
• Translation patterns into other languages (this can be done one at a time or by topic (or by any other reasonable way)
• Work with others to develop special-purpose pattern languages
• Work with groups electronically or in-person with pattern language workshops
• Subscribe to the pattern language listserv

Help us test e-Liberate / openDCN online deliberation in real settings

Civic Intelligence
• Help us develop projects that promote civic intelligence
• Fill out our online Civic Intelligence Cases Survey

Conferences Assist or attend PSP sponsored or co-sponsored conferences, such as the 3rd International Online Deliberation Conference in Leeds, UK, in July.
Help convene a forthcoming Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (DIAC) symposium or other events based on the pattern language, civic Intelligence, or other themes.

Help formulate partner criteria and process; become a PSP partner?!

Identify resources; Help with PHP programming or HTML

Donate or help with grant proposals

Help publicize our work
Who should hear about this work?

If you're interested in helping with any of these activities, please contact us.