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Pattern Language Project Cards

We have convened several workshops so far and several are planned. All but one of them have used these cards. We don't extensive information on this yet except to say that the participants were enthusiastic about the cards and that there were lots of hoped-for and unanticipated positive outcomes. More on this later!
This list is incomplete and we are currently working on these cards. Let us know if you're interested in creating synopses for any of them. Also please let us know if you're interested in being involved with a workshop!
Pattern Set 1
1 Civic Intelligence
2 The Commons
3 The Good Life
4 Social Dominance Attenuation
Pattern Set 2
5 Health as a Universal Right
6 Global Citizenship
7 Political Settings
8 Social Responsibility
Pattern Set 3
9 Matrifocal Orientation
10 Collective Decision-Making
11 Memory and Responsibility
12 Working Class Consciousness
Pattern Set 4
13 Back to the Roots
14 Demystification and Reenchantment
15 Translation
16 Linguistic Diversity
17 Education and Values
Pattern Set 5
18 Dematerialization
19 Transforming Institutions
20 Teaching to Transgress
Pattern Set 6
21 Fair Trade
22 Sustainable Design
23 Anti-Racism
24 Spiritually Grounded Activism
Pattern Set 7
25 Cyberpower
26 Earth's Vital Signs
27 Big-Picture Health Information
28 Whole Cost
Pattern Set 8
29 Indicators
30 Public Agenda
31 Democratic Political Settings
32 Big Tent for Social Change
Pattern Set 9
33 Opportunity Spaces
34 Strategic Capacity
35 Media Literacy
36 Participatory Design
Pattern Set 10
37 Citizen Science
38 Mobile Intelligence
39 Techno-Criticism
40 World Citizen Parliament
Pattern Set 11
41 Economic Conversion
42 Strengthening International Law
43 International Networks of Alternative Media
44 Design Stance
Pattern Set 12
45 Open Action and Research Network
46 Alternative Progress Indices
47 Meaningful Maps
48 Citizen Access to Simulations
The previous cards are below (put mouse over number for pattern name). Most are in pretty good shape.
Set 1 Patterns , , , and
Set 2 Patterns

Here is a blue back. It's designed with four images to be printed with any of the fronts above. The card backs are useful when printing more than one deck.

Updated: September 17, 2010