Profit Subjugation

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Brylie Oxley

Human efforts and innovations are consumed by a profit and control driven idealism.


The Social Profit Sector exists in an ecology of profit paradigms, forcing Social Profit Orgaanizations to operate under the rules developed by the profit-privatization sector.

People are guided to act as perpetual consumers of items such as disposable electronic devices and software as a service.

Innovations such as fuel-efficient transportation and cures to common ailments are incompatible with market ideologies.


Nonprofit organizations are made to behave in a fashon similar to for-profit enterprize in order to subsist. This is due to factors such as the prevailing organization of our economy as a pyramid scheme as well as influence in the form of conflicts of interest occuring when wealth privatizing individuals are approached by and become affiliated with (sometimes serving on or lobbying Boards of Directors) Social Profit Organizations. The laws regarding trade and control of goods and information are frequently sculpted by and for private interests and multinational corporations.

We are said to live in a "throw away" society. This is especially aparent in the technology sector where consumer devices are obsolete less than three months after distribution and the ability to upgrade devices is not implemented by manufacturers who are beholden to investors demanding exponential profits. This mentality, of consumeristic tendencies and unsustainable returns on investments, affects nearly every level of society including:

seedless crops and genome patents, limitations on local food production
sweatshop labor, industry fashon trends
fossil fuel industry, service and repair industry
cellular network babelization and redundant implementation, device lifespan limitation
textbook industry, technology in the classroom, and scientific journals)
health and emotion
ongoing chemical regulation instead of permanent stabilization

Early childhood exposure to stimulus which creates and reinforces neural architecture that can serve as a framework for reflexive and contemplative behaviours reinforcing the principles of cooperation and community.

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