Supporting Collaborative Deliberation Using a Large-Scale Argumentation System: The MIT Collaboratorium
   — M. Klein & L. Iandoli

What Makes a Search Engine Good for Democracy? Public Opinion Polling and the Evaluation of Software
   — J. A. Sison & W. Sack

"Liberating Voices" in South Asia: Case Study of Networked Resistance in Jharkhand
   — J. Smith

CoLPE: Communities of Learning Practice Environment
   — S. Caballe & J. Feldman

A Two-room E-Deliberation Environment
   — F. De Cindio, C. Peraboni, & L. Sonnante

KerDST: The KERBABEL™ On-Line Deliberation Support Tool
   — A. Chamaret, M. O'Connor, & J-M Douguet

On Social Function: New Language for Discussing Technology for Social Action
   — A. Dearden & A. Light

Privacy Awareness for the Design of Pervasive Home-Based Technology for Elders
   — T. Thompson & J. Camp

Community Network Analysis: Understanding the Contexts and Content of Community Communications
   — P. Day

Designing a General Architecture to Support eGovernment
   — C. Grima-Izquierdo & D. Ríos Insua

Networked Publics: Publicity and Privacy on the Internet
   — C. Koopman


Alliance for Collaborative Research Work Between the Universities, Enterprises and Government Institutions in the Arab Countries (ACRAW)
   — L. Kakaradova

b-involved — Electronic Extended Public Participation
   — P. Rosa, Â. Guimarães Pereira, & G. Lobo

Exploring the Potential for Open-Source Self-Governance
   — M. Mussman

Computer, Social, and Neural Networks
   — J.A. Feldman, D. Lee, & D. Thaw

Community, Disability and Response to Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh
   — S. Rahman & S. Mallick

Trust for Online Deliberation on Wicked Problems: Implications for the Design of Internet-based Large Scale Collaborative Platforms
   — A. Gurkan & L. Iandoli

Aspirational Goals and Incremental Tools: Does Forecasting Exclude Other Frameworks for Strategic Planning?
   — G. Hill, M. Monticino, E.T. Jones, S. Kolmes & R. McLain

Integrating Online Deliberation into Transportation Investment Decision-making: Preliminary Reflections on a Field Experiment
   — M.W. Wilson & K. S. Ramsey

Colloki: Rethinking Local Conversations on the Web
   — S. Ahuja, M. A. Pérez-Quiñones, A. Kavanaugh, C. Tauro, & B. J. Kim

Growing a Global Issue Base: An Issue-based Approach to Policy Deliberation
   — J. Conklin

Representing Community Concerns in Agent-Based Models: A Web 2.0 Approach
   — C. Kennedy

Online Shopping Relationship as Collaborative Decision Process: A Focus on Online Buyer-Seller Interactions
   — T. Stenger

"Tools for Participation" as a Citizen-Led Grand Challenge
   — D. Schuler

Patterns, Process and Systems-Thinking: Putting Social Pattern Languages to Work
   — J. Smith

Community Media and Community Development: A Disruptive Innovation?
   — P. Day


Community Networking Strategies: Partnerships for Community Practice, Research and Engagement — Creating a Shared Knowledgebase.
   — P. Day

Role Challenges in Technology and Social Action Projects: Bridging the Gap Between Social Software and Social Contexts
   — N. Plant


Social Software's Social Side Effects: Political Discourse in Non-political Spaces
   — S. Munson & P. Resnick

Designing Social Psychological Incentives for Online Collective Action
   — J. Antin


Knowledge Media Tools for Capturing Deliberation in Participatory Spatial Planning
   — A. De Liddo & S. Buckingham-Shum

VizBlog: A Visualization Tool for Blog Discovery
   — C. Tauro, S. Ahuja, M. A. Pérez-Quiñones, A. Kavanaugh, & P. Isenhour

Dialogue Mapping Demonstration
   — J. Conklin

TransparentDemocracy: Online Voter Guide
   — K. Cranston & J. Manning

Reframe It
   — R. Fishkin

e-Liberate: Support for Distributed Online Meetings Using Roberts Rules of Order
   — D. Schuler

CivicEvolution Technology Presentation
   — B. Sullivan