week seven activity report - nick

Over the weekend I went to the Law and Disorder Conference at PSU. The main focus was workshops on the prison-industrial complex, but I also went to a presentation on gentrification, and another concerning the ongoing efforts to resist fracking and coal exports in the US. It was very exciting, and I'm working on a lil report to summarize what went down and how it is pertinent to CIRAL. I would like to set up a little resource base for a future cluster focusing on prisons and incarceration.

Also starting reading this book put out by Food First! on Food Sovereignity. It's excellent. I'm gonna write a brief summative review and add it to resources on the Wiki. Working on a similar report on Ivan Illich's book Tools for Convivality.

Also meeting with people, discussing the formaation of a commitee next year to oversee Aramarks new contract period and buying plans. Working on internal stuff at the Eggplant too.