Ray Still 3/5/2013

This is my second to last activity report, and I am going to be leaving CIRAL for an internship in the spring.

Things are winding down pretty quickly. I've wrapped up my internship for the CPJ, and now I am working with my staff members and my advisor to put together book, movie, and workshop lists for the interns in the class to pick from to read, watch, and get instruction on.

I've also started wrapping up the Home Office video - most of my filming is already finished, and is ready to be edited. It looks like the video will only be about 5 or so minutes long, but thanks to Doug's help, it will be very consice in explaining what CIRAL is.

I've lost contact with Alex, my podcast buddy, and I am very unsure how that is going to get finished.

Finally, I am researching on a story that was recently broken by Democracy Now, about police in Olympia spying on activist groups. I am specifically looking at how the Evergreen police keeps tabs on Evergreen activist groups, like SDS. This is a huge issue, and will not be an article published this quarter, but I hope that I will be able to come to some conclusion in the next quarter so that the Evergreen community can better understand how this affects them in school.