Ciral Activity Report #3


January 24th, thursday - this week I put most of my energy in to producing an application for the Cultural Diversity Award. This process lead me through a very reflective writing activity that allowed me to reestablish my intentions for my time at Evergreen and, specifically, CIRAL. Upon submitting it on February 1st I've been left with a personal manifesto for my time at Evergreen and CIRAL. I'll submit it as a self reflective piece for CIRAL. 

january 25th, Friday - I traveled to Seattle to partake in the steering committee of APALA's project, Traveling Photo Exhibit of Low Wage APIC Workers. We have been working on finalizing a 20,000 dollar grant that we were awarded for the project, which includes the construction of a detailed action plan and clear responsibilities.

January 28th, Monday - I talked with Jonesy on tuesday for a few hours about home office. We discussed our intentions and our interest in supporting the handbook.  He mentioned learning about a legacy group establishing itself on campus to support environmental projects, - I plan to sit in on their activities, they meet Tuesdays 3-5pm.

January 27th, Tuesday -  I have begun to read literature I can find on the Collective Impact Model. I have read three articles on the Stanford Social Innovation Review. and have decided that for the remaining weeks i want to write an article on the five qualities of the Collective Impact Model.

January Wednesday 30th - I met with donald from the Geoduck Student Union. We talked about national Lobby Day: ways to engage students, how to have a media campaign, and what it would take to have a march from the RAFA wall to the capital. Afterwards we called Bill Moyers of the Backbone Campaign. He committed visual props for any action on the 18th. I have taken up a leadership role in activating students to partake in the the national lobby day. On campus we're calling it State Advocacy Day: speak face-to-face with your state representative - because the word lobby is stigmatized within the community.

Additionally, Donald mentioned that the geoduck student union are interested in seeing through a proposed plan to access the fourth floor as a community kitchen. With that in mind I've begun to pick up the food systems cluster a bit.

After that meeting I then met with the food systems cluster to name the intended role of the GSU and checked in with them about activity. They seem to have the capacity to take it up. But its going to take some work because they started to attempt some other projects.

From there  I met with FIST and learned about their "No One Wins in Patriarchy Week." I talked to them about aligning up their activity which starts February 11th to the 15th with the National State Advocacy day. They showed some interest in regards to the Backbone Campaign but were hesitant to engage with the 18th. I'm hoping that an interest in women's reproductive rights might engage them? as there is legislation regarding Obamacare

From there I met with Homeroom folks before class. We checked in with each other regarding intentions and responsibilities. It seems unanimous that the Handbook is a priority for the group.