Aquaponic Trailer and Ethnobotanical medicinal plants

This week I have purchased seeds and begun starts; this includes: achillea milleolium, melissa officinalis calendual officinalis, inula helenium, althaea officinalis, scutellaria lateriflora. Together they range from antibacterial, anti viral, antiseptic, anit inflammatory; regulation of high blood pressure, migraines, and hystaria or melancholy, skin irritations, lacerations or bruising, respritory infections, sedative, and digestive properties (to name a few!) Timeline for growth before germination should be about a month...
Was hoping to start some outreach to figure out times for demonstration- ie sustainability fair on campus, artesian well event etc.
Have design pretty solid for pump and siphon, so will get supplies in coming week and begin construction.
Hoping to find specimens for cloning tomorrow to get mushroom blocks ready. Timeline for block can be 4-12 weeks. Regardless, infrastructure is complete.