Activity Report for Week Two

This week was the first week I attended CIRAL, missing the first class. I met with Dante from Evergreen Revival during the class time and some other members who are new to CIRAL and decided to join in on the Evergreen Revival/Community Health collaboration project. Mostly we are trying to assess what needs to be done this quarter for the health assessment project and to determine what we can realistically do, who will be involved (we currently have four different student groups involved).

SURJ meeting this week went well, many projects are moving forward with reproductive justice themes, particularly Plan B vending machines and stigma series design.

Also met with Evergreen Revival later in the week, discussed political/ economic focus of the research. Contextualizing the data for greater credibility/sway with the administration in policy development while also using qualitative methodologies to reach the student body and utilize stories of the community.