Activity report for 11/05/2016 – 18/05/2016

Since my last report my flyer has been completed and it was spread throughout the campus to attract people to the symposium.  In hindsight I should have put more personal effort to spread the flyers since I don’t feel like they were used to the best of effect.   With my flyer work done I volunteered to be the timer for the symposium itself and try to keep things on schedule.  It was relatively successful and we only went off schedule at the end when the final conversation became too interesting to interrupt for the scheduled summery.


The permaculture group is having some schedule trouble during this time.  they are only able to meet to work on the eco dome on weekends and both of these weeks had a class.  They did meet on the 15 I believe but I was unable to participate for family obligations.  During the symposium, I asked about an internship for the summer to continue working on the project and help move permaculture forward.  No internship spots have opened yet but I plan to pursue this further.


 Progress with my personal project has gone agonizingly slow and at this point demands a lot of time and attention along with a few late homework’s.  while not a comfortable position, it is not an unrecoverable one and I am confident I will be able to produce something substantive before June 1st when I believe the work is due.