2/13/13 Yup

What's been going on:

  • Games Cluster now have a set of dimensions for assessment to work with: Ciral Games Assessment
    points range [-5 to +5]

    Civic Level: how is it relating to a city, citizens, or citizenship: civic duties. Where would lie on a the scale?
    Method/Implementation: How well do the rules/gameplay align with the Civic engagement within  the game?
    Affect: What level of cohesiveness exists between the Civic Level and Method of game play?
    Social/Metaphorical application: upon completion are we enlightened, enticed, or even influenced in a positive way that would aid in bettering society? Is there an equal opposite occurring - measure this.
    Origin: What was intended by the creators? Was it Civically Intelligent, and how close to it being was it it if so? Did they succeed in achieving this? Take these questions into accounts for scoring this section.

  • I have a template created from the PublicSphere project up. The Pattern is called “Personal Touch”  - This card (ideally) would be #0 as being the first thing needed to approach the concepts... Yourself. I will be forming a list of key questions for this pattern that should allow for better understanding of the self, which should allow for better personalization of the more complex concepts in the set.
  • Updating "Fresh Sheet" as I fill this out

Next Week:

  • Will further fine tune  and test the Assesment process.
  • Will develop and add specifically tailored inquisitions to the Pattern Language that aids the user in deciphering themselves as well as personalizing the concepts.
  • I might change the title of the card as well (debating)