R. Jones

I am interested in many areas that are related to civic intelligence. I consider myself an activist and have been involved with various campaigns, movements, projects, and issues. Some of the more major areas of activism I have worked on are anti-war and peace issues, election reform (instant runoff voting and national popular vote), cannabis legalization (industrial, medicinal, recreational), Green Party campaigns, recycling and composting on campuses, food justice, community gardening, urban farming. I have spent a lot of time in CIRAL researching organizational development and project managment. I am very interested in doing more work regarding deliberation and project management enhanced by online technology. Much of the work that I do with CIRAL is around the Home Office cluster. I feel that it is logical to make this a top priority because the other cluster work wouldn't be as valuable without the administrative work done by Home Office. A priority for this quarter is to work coordinating and simplifying CIRAL's web presence. I would like to formally adopt bylaws for CIRAL so the processes we are developing will continue beyond this accademic year. There is a strong need for an internal archive of CIRAL's work each quarter for future students to access. In addition to an internal archive, I would like to see a CIRAL project repository that is available to the public. This repository would showcase the best projects that derive from CIRAL. In addition to this things, I would like to participate in the creation of an orientation video for new CIRAL students. The bulk of the work that I plan on doing this quarter is around the Food Systems Cluster. During the Winter 2013 quarter, I worked on getting a garden space designated near the Modular housing (mods) on campus. Work has begun on this garden and I hope to continue this work throughout the quarter. I plan on doing a lot of reading on urban farming. I plan on writing a research paper on this topic by the end of the quarter. History in CIRAL

Winter 2013 - UGRCI 8 Credits

Fall 2013 - UGRCI 4 CreditsSpring 2013 - UGRCI 16 Credits Winter 2013 - UGRCI 16 Credits Fall 2012 - Social Imagination 8 Credits, UGRCI 4