Participatory Budgeting

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Indian Country Media Network

New online and print resource — including a variety of free reports

"Their logo is a conglomeration of many symbols:
The Four Directions, North, South, East, and West
The colors of the Four Directions
A Dreamcatcher
ICT, the original publication from which ICTMN evolved
The Turtle
Together they form the logo brand for Indian Country Today Media Network."

Towards a New Public Infrastructure

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Towards a New Public Infrastructure — preprint
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Journal of Community Informatics

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The Journal of Community Informatics provides an opportunity for Community Informatics researchers and others to share their work with the larger community. Through the Journal's application of a rigorous peer review process, knowledge and awareness concerning the community use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is being brought to a wider professional audience.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Michael Gurstein

"Putting in their 2 cents" (participatory budgeting in Brooklyn)

This is a New York Times story about the 2nd time that Particpatory Budgeting has been used in the United States, in Brooklyn, New York in mid-March, 2012.

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Participatory budgeting in Brooklyn. Mid-March, 2012.

Open North

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Open North is a Canadian non-profit that builds online tools to make democracy better.

Open North is a Canadian non-profit that builds online tools to make democracy better. We believe that the internet has the power to transform democratic engagement. It provides a platform for citizens to connect with each other and their elected officials. It opens the door to new models of consultation and decision-making. It enables fresh conversations between journalists and citizens. We're building the tools to make that happen.

We help governments involve citizens in decision-making through the internet. Online consultations and collaborations can reach a larger and more diverse group of citizens than traditional methods. When properly curated, they give participants more information to understand the factors involved in a decision.

We work with journalists to collect and analyze the data they need to break stories. Our role in these projects is to help reporters and citizens see the trends and narratives in government data so they can take action. We design visualizations and interactive features that inform, engage and entertain.

Read more about our work with government, journalists and citizens.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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James McKinney
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